Out of Gas Yet Again

Lousy workout today. I had a feeling it would be even before I left for the gym this morning. Maybe my attitude is what resulted in my poor performance, or maybe my mind/body was telling me something. These long, dark, cold mornings are getting to me, plus I got to sleep in four days in […]

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Bench Press and Deadlift PRs

The weather’s been lousy lately, but that’s winter in Southwestern Idaho. It snowed all day yesterday, but this morning, things warmed up just enough (36 degrees F) that the snow and ice started to melt. We’re expecting rain later today. What’s left on the roads is a bunch of slippery slush. I’ve only gotten in […]

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A Proper Deload Week, Day One

As usual on a Sunday when we have the grandkids, my wife went for her walk first while I took care of them. If it’s Sunday morning, it’s French Toast for breakfast when the kids are with us, and I was helping my seven-year-old grandson with the cooking when the missus finally returned. She had […]

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