An Unanticipated PR

The good news is I went to the gym Thanksgiving morning to do some cardio and gut work. The bad news is I’ve been overeating and haven’t done cardio since. Oh well, today was lift day, specifically the start of 5/3/1+ week in cycle 13 of my strength training program. Back squats and overhead presses. […]

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300 Pound Deadlift!

Yes, a 300 pound deadlift but I’ll get to that. I skipped lifting yesterday because I was just too darn tired. I did lift on Sunday and actually got to the gym on Wednesday to do some cardio (it’s been a long time and I felt it) but Thursday, lack of sleep caught up with […]

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Deload and Reload

You’d think taking a full week off from the gym would help me recover and have me coming back stronger than ever. Well, not so much. Daylight savings time wipes me out no matter if it’s “falling back” or “springing forward”. Plus it’s still dark when I want to get up and prepare for the […]

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