Cycle Eleven, Day One of Deload Week

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Saturday, I spent a fair amount of the time at the playground with my seven-year-old grandson. Getting up and sitting down on the playground equipment reminded me of how stiff and sore I’ve been feeling lately, and that convinced me I needed a deload week, so here I go into week four of cycle 11.

We had the grandkids over the weekend, and my wife took her usual early morning walk, so I stayed home past 8 a.m. when the gym opens. When the missus got back, I hopped into my car and headed out. Made it to the gym at almost 9 a.m.

Since this is a deload week, I decided I didn’t absolutely need access to the squat rack. I figured I’d just grab whatever piece of equipment that suited my fancy. Light weights, lots of sets and reps.

There were a couple of other guys in the weight room when I got there, though for my entire stay at the gym, no one even approached the squat rack. Go figure.

I decided to start on the plate-loaded hack squat machine just for giggles. Here’s how my Sunday morning went.

Deload Week

Plate-loaded Hack Squat Machine

10x 54lbs/24.494kg
10x 74lbs/33.5658kg
10x 104lbs/47.1736kg
10x 104lbs/47.1736kg
10x 104lbs/47.1736kg
10x 124lbs/56.2455kg

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

10x 15lbs/6.80389kg
10x 20lbs/9.07185kg
10x 25lbs/11.3398kg
10x 25lbs/11.3398kg
10x 25lbs/11.3398kg
10x 22.5lbs/10.20583kg

Seated Cable Low Row Machine

10x 85lbs/38.5554kg
10x 100lbs/45.3592kg
10x 125lbs/56.699kg
10x 125lbs/56.699kg
10x 120lbs/54.4311kg
10x 115lbs/52.1631kg

dumbbell shoulder press

Remember, light weights, lots of reps, not trying for a PR. The tension on the hack squat machine is set at 54 pounds. Seems like an odd number to me but whatever. I did that as a warm up, then slowly started adding weight with the goal of doing a “boring but big” ten reps per set.

With the weight that light, I was able to get down to parallel easily and most of the time past parallel to the limit of the machine’s range of motion. It still wore me out, and I was resting about two minutes or so between sets. No lack of huffing and puffing as well as sweating.

After that, I thought I’d try my hand at some seated dumbbell shoulder presses. By that time, a guy and his girlfriend or wife or whoever, came in and he was doing seated shoulder presses that made mine look pathetic.

Keep in mind that if the weight says 15 pounds, that’s per hand, so my first set was more or less equivalent to a 30 pound barbell (I know it’s not exactly the same, but close enough). Also, since I’m doing 10 reps per set, my triceps were bound to wear out, so the weights had to stay relatively light throughout the total of six sets.

Still not satisfied with how I had been punishing my arms, I decided to give the low row machine a try. I haven’t been on that thing in ages. I adjusted the weights set over set by how strong (or weak) I felt and pushed through.

By now, I figured I’d been at the gym for about an hour and I didn’t want to make my wife watch the grandkids by herself too long, so I did my usual mobility stretches and called it good. I was definitely dripping sweat on the floor at this point, so even though I was lifting light, and after all, this is deload week, it was still a tiring workout.

My legs and arms feel sore this morning, so something happened.

I did have a surprise handed to me later in the afternoon. My daughter came from California for a surprise visit. My wife and daughter cooked up this scheme since my daughter can’t come home for Thanksgiving.

Both my wife and daughter are veteran foodies and Thanksgiving is my daughter’s favorite holiday to cook. So I pulled the old Weber out along with the charcoal chimney, and showed my grandson the manly art of barbecuing a turkey.

We had a great time, tending to the bird while playing our “imagination games”. It was too bad the kids had to go back to their Mom’s house before dinner was actually ready, but I promised my grandson that on the real Thanksgiving, we’d do the same thing all over again.

cable low rows
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I bailed on cardio this morning because I was particularly tired. Too bad, because I really indulged myself last night. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

It’ll be a short week, though. My wife and I are leaving Friday morning to visit my parents in Utah. We’ll take my daughter back to the airport on our way out-of-town. That means no Friday workout and no Sunday workout, since we will be driving home on Sunday.

Guess that means Cycle 12 5/5/5+ week will begin the following Monday. Wish me luck.

Never make the bottom line your top line.

Dr. Mardy Grothe


2 thoughts on “Cycle Eleven, Day One of Deload Week

  1. Sometimes a break helps,and a visit from your daughter sure is a good reason to miss a workout. And taking a trip to see your parents is more important than anynWO .Last week I was supposed to sqt on Thursday but taking my aunt to the dr put the kabash on that . Did sqts and presses on Friday and am sore today . I may do DL and BP tomorrow if I feel recovered . I have made up,my mind to make working out a priority over somethings but notan obsession .


    1. I definitely feel like I’m having a “lazy” week. Still sore from all the volume on Sunday. Of course, it’s still dark when I get up, which makes early morning workouts more difficult, at least as far as motivation is concerned.


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