Cycle Nine, Day Two of 3/3/3+ Week

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I had planned to do more cardio today and lift tomorrow, but as the time to leave home for the gym got closer, I changed my mind.

Actually, I had a tough time getting up this morning. I was pretty tired and that factored into my initial decision to stick with light cardio. But after a cup of coffee and a glass of water and about 30 minutes of actual consciousness, I felt I had enough in me to lift and test a few of my current limits.

I got to the gym parking lot just as the receptionist gal was arriving, so I had to wait a few minutes. Just Joe’s truck and another guy’s car were there, so no competition for a bench press station.

When the lights popped on, I got out of my car and got myself into the gym. Weight room was empty of course. I had to straighten out my favorite bench press station as usual, but then I got to work. Day two of 3/3/3+ week in my second cycle since getting over illness and surgery. Here’s the result.

3/3/3+ Main Lifts

Barbell Bench Press

10x 45lbs/20.4117kg (warm up)
10x 65lbs/29.4835kg (warm up)
3x 100lbs/45.3592kg
3x 115lbs/52.1631kg
3x 125lbs/56.699kg
2x 130lbs/58.967kg (joker)
2x 135lbs/61.235kg (joker)
2x 140lbs/63.5029kg (joker)

Barbell Bent Leg Deadlift

10x 135lbs/61.235kg (warm up)
3x 190lbs/86.1826kg
3x 215lbs/97.5224kg
5x 245lbs/111.13kg
3x 255lbs/115.666kg (joker)
2x 260lbs/117.934kg (joker)
1x 265lbs/120.202kg (joker)

I can say I didn’t cover myself with glory on my 3+ set for the bench press. My front left delt acted up as usual during warm ups but I pretty much ignore it after that.

arnold deadlift

Doing 3 reps at 115 pounds felt hard, and for the 3+ set I only managed 3 reps at 125, which is kind of miserable. I did 2 reps at 130 and 135 respectively for my first 2 jokers, but for the final joker, I managed 2 reps instead of just 1 at 140. The second rep felt iffy and I almost stalled thanks to my puny triceps.

At least I pushed through, so there’s a bit of advancement there. Still, I only made 3 reps on my 3+ set, so maybe it’s a tad too heavy. I’ll have to review the weights for 5/3/1+ week and maybe dial them down a bit.

A few guys entered the weight room including strong bent over guy. He got into the squat rack which made me glad I switched my squats and overhead presses to Sunday morning. No competition for the squat rack on Sunday mornings.

Just a few other regulars came in. No one unusual walked into the weight room while I was working out.

My deads started to feel heavy during my second working set. I did 5 reps at 245 for my 3+ set, which was satisfying, but when I lifted 255 for my first joker, it felt so heavy I almost made it my last joker.

But to heck with it. I increased the weight to 260 and did 2 reps rather than the single I did last week.

For my final joker, I set the weight to 265, which I’ve only lifted once since returning to the gym. I managed another single and called it. I was beat.

In fact I was so beat, I decided not to do any assistance lifts or even any ab work. I just did the usual stretches for mobility and called it a day. I spent 50 minutes in the gym and I was done.

Actually, I stopped on the way out to chat it up with an older couple who are long-time regulars. The wife is recovering from hip replacement surgery, so she’s only doing upper body lifting using the weight machines. The husband was chuckling at me as I walked up, mainly because they are impressed with my workout.

old man bicep
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I think a lot of people at the gym who are my age and older are intimidated by barbells and, for the most part, I’m one of the few gray hairs (people age 60 and over) who uses the weight room.

I feel like I’m really lagging, so it was nice to have a brief ego boost and remember that, as far as my little local community is concerned, I’m ahead of the curve.

Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Marilyn Monroe


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