Cycle Nine, Day One of 3/3/3+ Week

enter gym exit strongerWe had the grandkids over the weekend, and just as she said two weeks ago under similar circumstances, my wife told me that after her walk, I could take off for the gym.

Naturally, I jumped at the chance but didn’t pull into the gym’s parking lot until a quarter of nine. The gym had been open for 45 minutes, so who knows what combination of characters would be in the weight room?

I was just hoping the squat rack was free, and fortunately, it was.

I set up for back squats and got to work. Here’s how the beginning of 3/3/3+ week went.

3/3/3+ Main Lifts

Back Squat in Squat Rack (raw)

10x 45lbs/20.4117kg (warm up)
10x 65lbs/29.4835kg (warm up)
3x 110lbs/49.8952kg
3x 125lbs/56.699kg
4x 145lbs/65.7709kg
3x 155lbs/70.3068kg (joker)
3x 165lbs/74.8427kg (joker)
2x 175lbs/79.3787kg (joker)
1x 180lbs/81.6466kg (joker)

Overhead Press in Squat Rack

10x 45lbs/20.4117kg (warm up)
3x 65lbs/29.4835kg
3x 75lbs/34.0194kg
4x 85lbs/38.5554kg
3x 90lbs/40.8233kg (joker)
2x 95lbs/43.0913kg (joker) -failed 3rd rep-
1x 100lbs/45.3592kg (joker)

I’m continuing to progress well in my squats. Nothing impressive, but I’m going heavier week over week, so that’s a good thing. Last Sunday, my heaviest joker set was 165 pounds for two reps and as you can see, I did a single with a 180 pound barbell yesterday. I thought about 2 reps but figured I’d save that for next time.

My overhead press is going gangbusters. Last week, my heaviest joker was 95 pounds for 1 rep but yesterday, I did a single at 100 pounds and 2 reps with 95 pounds.

overhead press
Photo credit:

The down side is I pulled something over my left shoulder-blade. It’s still bothering me this morning. Nothing horrible, but it sure is noticeable. I’ll have to monitor it and hopefully, it won’t hold me back next week.

After my main lifts, since I had some time, I did core work, both doing back extensions on the Roman Chair and some leg lifts on the mat for my abs. I did better on both, so I think my core is tightening up a bit. Good, since I hope to push myself harder on deadlifts later this week.

My next challenge is food. I’ve been pretty lax at watching what I eat. I don’t think I’m terribly excessive, but I also don’t think I’m operating at a calorie deficit, meaning I’m not going to lose weight with my current regime.

Meanwhile, my son David is making great progress with his bodyweight workout and his eating program. At age 30, he’s got testosterone to burn and his arms are huge. His chest is lagging a little bit, but I can see his waistline shrinking.

The question is, will what works on a 30-year-old body work on a 62-year-old body? David thinks it will, but everything I read tells me that as our bodies age, they react differently to different conditions. This is why guys like me can’t train like guys like David.

Still, I know there are things I can do to improve my physical condition, so age isn’t an excuse to not generate effort, both in lifting and in changing my diet.

That’s the next step and frankly, it’s much harder than pushing a bunch of iron around.

I have another confession to make. I didn’t go to the gym this morning. I was feeling really fuzzy and I remembered doing cardio last Monday after squats on Sunday. My legs were shot.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Photo credit:

But that means going to the gym for the rest of the week without fail. Since we don’t have the grandkids this week, I’m flexible on when I schedule my lift day and how long I spend at the gym. Maybe I can try to lengthen my cardio sessions again to get more out of them.

So far, I’ve been exchanging time for intensity, which is the way I hopefully will get my stamina back while not over revving my heart. Like my doc says, “It’s OK to rev up an old engine every once in a while but remember, it’s an old engine.”

People will always try to stop you doing the right thing if it is unconventional.

Warren Buffett


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