Eddie “the Beast” Hall Does It Again

Nearly a year ago, I posted a short video of Eddie “the Beast” Hall setting a new world record for a single rep deadlift at 463 kg or 1020 lbs. I just saw that “the Beast” did it again. He broke his own record.

Granted, his nose started to bleed and he passed out after the successful lift, but he did it. Eddie pulled up 500 kg even or 1102.31 lbs for a new world’s record. In his own words:

“That nearly killed me. The pressure on my body was surreal. I passed out after. I had nose bleeds. It’s not healthy doing something like that. But I’ve done it. I’m sure it will be in the history books for a very long time.”

The full story is at Flex Online.

For the record, I have no aspirations to lift anywhere near that amount of weight. I seriously doubt that I could ever train to lift that heavy, particularly at my age. And as Eddie says, it’s not healthy. I can only imagine how abruptly his blood pressure and heart rate jacked up under that kind of load.

Yeah, it’s impressive, and I congratulate “the Beast” for the accomplishment, but I can’t imagine doing such lifts on any sort of regular basis leading to a very long life.

All that said, here’s the video so you can see for yourself.

Giving up on your goal because of one setback is like slashing your other three tires because you got a flat.



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