No, I’m Not Dead

Thursday before last, I had nose surgery, both to stop an uncontrollable bleeder and to fix my deviated septum. Of course, all that means no lifting or other physical stress, both to give my nose time to heal, and because the cold I got from my granddaughter that started it all needed time to run its course.

Last Thursday, I visited my doc’s office and he took out the packing in both nasal passages and clipped my stitches. I could finally breathe through my nose again, but the doc again advised caution. No lifting.

I'll be backAs near as I can understand his instructions, I can probably risk light cardio starting tomorrow and, if next Thursday’s check up goes well, start lifting the following week.

It’s coming up on four weeks since I’ve lifted, the last day being Friday, June 10th, so I can only imagine that I’ve lost some strength/muscle mass as well as general stamina. A whole month out of the gym because of a bad cold and a nose bleed. Go figure.

Thought I should write a little something in case anyone out there was wondering what happened to me.

Exercise to stimulate, not to annihilate. The world wasn’t formed in a day, and neither were we. Set small goals and build upon them.

-Lee Haney


5 thoughts on “No, I’m Not Dead

  1. I thought maybe you just gave up on the blog. It is not uncommon for something to interfere with our training,especially as we get older, more health issues and family responsibilities. I have read taking 25% off your previous weights is a good place to restart at. The strength should return quickly, good luck,and have a Happy Fourth.


  2. Glad you got the work done, and that the cold is going away. It’s the same with me…just finished the first 21 days of Whooping Cough, and have three more months for the cough to go away. We just do not bounce back as we should, but since we continue to heal, it is G-d’s blessing.

    I am very grateful they fixed more than the nosebleed as long as they were in there…and that you are progressing nicely. Just start back a s little at a time…and in a few weeks you will find the strength flooding back. Being patient with yourself is the lesson we have to all learn.


    1. I was going to get up at 4 this morning and be at the gym by 5 for a cardio session, but then, because it was the 4th, there was an artillery barrage outside from 8 p.m. until midnight. After things got all quiet, I still couldn’t sleep. Must have dozed off and on between about 3 and 4:30. Today’s going to be “fun.”

      Guess I’ll give it another whirl tomorrow morning and hope for the best.


  3. Twenty-one days and three months? I had no idea. My experience with whooping cough is taking a baby (one time) and a small child (one time) into a steamy shower area.

    I don’t know much about nose issues and surgery except I told someone today that I’d seen Stevie Nicks say in an interview she put a whole in her nose by using cocaine.

    I suppose burned is the word? But I don’t know how a nose feels when cocaine is in it. She said she knew it changed her voice but was afraid surgery would change it more.


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