The Long Road Back: Day Two

Well, day three, actually. Yesterday, I went to the gym and did some light cardio, ab work and mobility work. While the duration and intensity of the cardio was technically light, my body didn’t think so, and my heart rate got up pretty high given what I was (and wasn’t) doing. After yesterday’s ab work, […]

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The Long Road Back: Day One

I haven’t lifted in nearly five weeks. That’s a long time. Last week, I did a couple of short cardio sessions on Wednesday and Thursday. My stamina and oxygen uptake are gone. It’ll take a while to rebuild that. In fact, lack of stamina turns out to be a bigger problem than lack of muscle […]

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I’m Back…Well, Sort Of

What I mean is, I went back to the gym this morning after pretty much a four-week absence. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of quality sleep, but I was awake at about ten until four, so I turned off the alarm and got out of bed. Had some coffee and water. Debated food but […]

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No, I’m Not Dead

Thursday before last, I had nose surgery, both to stop an uncontrollable bleeder and to fix my deviated septum. Of course, all that means no lifting or other physical stress, both to give my nose time to heal, and because the cold I got from my granddaughter that started it all needed time to run […]

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