Forced Deload

And by deload, I mean no load. Haven’t posted to this blogspot in a while and there’s a reason for that. I’ve been sick as a dog (mournful howl). It all started last Monday when I agreed to take the day off to watch my grandkids. My almost one-year-old granddaughter had come down with a […]

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Maximum Effort

I’ve been watching the film Deadpool (2016) with my son David a lot lately. It’s probably his favorite movie in the whole world, mainly because it aligns really well with his already demented sense of humor. I think his goal is to watch the film so many times, he memorizes all the dialog. Which brings […]

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Back in the Gym After One Week

It, in fact, has been a full week since I’ve been at the gym. I’ve been feeling extra tired lately, so I didn’t go on Friday. Had the grandkids for the weekend, so Sunday was out. Then Monday and Tuesday, I felt nauseous and exhausted. Must be something in the air. Finally, finally, I felt […]

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