Everyone’s Hard Battle

This is a different topic than what I normally chronicle here, but I felt it was worthwhile to tell this story. I was reading about something trending on Facebook involving actor Wentworth Miller. He’s currently playing a character named Leonard Snart/Captain Cold in a DC Comics inspired TV show called Legends of Tomorrow, although he first […]

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The St. Patrick’s Day PR

I almost gave into the temptation to lift yesterday instead of just doing cardio. For about the first half-hour or so after the gym opened, the free weight room was practically empty and the squat rack was completely free. But I didn’t have my lifting program written in my workout log yet, so I thought […]

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Old Strength Back Squats

I saw this video little while ago and thought I’d post it here on my blog as another inspiration for you. I want to show you that nothing is impossible, such as teaching a 72-year-old man to squat for the first time. Here’s the summary text from the Starting Strength webpage simply called “The Squat […]

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