The Unexpected Sunday

I hadn’t expected to lift today. I figured the missus and I would go to the gym and I’d help her with her dumbbell lifts and other exercises just like we did last Sunday. But things didn’t go as planned from the moment I woke up. I enjoy staying in bed late on the weekend. Even […]

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The Return of the Back Squat

I’ve noticed that when I sleep on my stomach, my lower right lumbar area gets sore. Even sleeping on either side can aggravate that tender area, but sleeping on my back doesn’t produce this effect. So this morning, in the awful aftermath of Thanksgiving dinner, I woke up on my stomach and my back didn’t […]

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Training With The Missus

A few days ago, my wife asked if I’d go to the gym with her and help her with a few things. It’s been literally years since she’s stepped inside a gym, with or without me, and needless to say I was more than surprised (and no, the missus  looks nothing like the girl in the image […]

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Speed Bump on the Road Back

Well, maybe I’m not back as close to 100% as I thought. I woke up this morning feeling really loggy. It wasn’t like I could have slept anymore, at least I don’t think I could have, but I felt off balance and my lower right back was nagging me. I wasn’t happy about this. As […]

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Hunting for the Neutral Spine

I think I’ve finally figured out what I’ve been doing wrong, particularly with my squats and deadlifts. It’s all thanks to a comment made by Onomatopoeicbliss, and particularly a link he shared about Front Squats. While I’m still not attracted to this particular style of squat, especially now that I’ve read the caveats at the […]

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