It Was Better Today

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Sleep was spotty last night. Went to bed at 8 p.m., which is before the missus turns in, and woke up at 10 p.m. By this time, my wife was in bed and asleep, but for some reason, I was feeling really hot. Decided to go out on the living room sofa.

Managed to get back to sleep but woke up at 2 a.m. I think I may have lightly dozed after that, but most of the time I was awake. I finally got up at 3:45 and said “to heck with it…coffee, here I come.”

In spite of all that, I made it to the gym just before 5 and was standing in the squat rack just a few seconds after the gym opened.

Last night, some character not only left weight plates on the barbell in the rack, but also left the sleeve or cushion “velcro-ed” onto it, probably because they didn’t want to feel the hard, metal bar across their traps.

After I took all that off and put on the proper weight for my first warm up set, I was ready to get started. I figured I’d perform more than 4 reps per set for my warm ups, just doing what I felt like. You can see the results below, along with what I did on my subsequent lifts.

I started out only needing between 60 to 90 seconds of rest between sets, but at the other end of my workout, I waited a little over 2 minutes between sets of pull ups because I was wiped out.

Barbell Back Squats in Squat Rack

6x 160lbs/72.5748kg
5x 185lbs/83.9146kg
4x 220lbs/99.7903kg
4x 220lbs/99.7903kg

Barbell Bench Press

4x 145lbs/65.7709kg
5x 155lbs/70.3068kg
4x 175lbs/79.3787kg
4x 175lbs/79.3787kg
4x 180lbs/81.6466kg (Bonus Set)

bench press anatomyBarbell Bent Over Row

6x 145lbs/65.7709kg
6x 155lbs/70.3068kg
4x 175lbs/79.3787kg
5x 175lbs/79.3787kg (Bonus Rep)

Cable Triceps Extension w/Rope

8x 65lbs/29.4835kg
6x 85lbs/38.5554kg
5x 95lbs/43.0913kg
4x 95lbs/43.0913kg

Pull ups (Bodyweight)


Zercher Squats in Squat Rack (Bonus)

6x 135lbs/61.235kg
6x 155lbs/70.3068kg
6x 185lbs/83.9146kg

I was feeling stronger and more energetic than I was on Monday, so I was determined to stretch myself a bit. But beyond doing a few extra reps in my warm up sets of squats, I didn’t want to push myself right at the beginning and deplete my energy reserves too soon.

However, on the bench press, I did plug in a bonus set at 180 pounds, which is five over what is scheduled for this week. I looked back at week 4 for the previous circuit and saw my working weight for this lift was 170 pounds and I did a bonus set for 3 reps at 175. I guess this means I’m getting stronger with my bench press. I just hope I’m lowering the barbell close enough to my chest to get the full benefit.

While I didn’t do a bonus set for bent over rows, I did do 6 reps for both warm up sets and pulled an additional rep out of the final working set.

I was feeling kind of puny after my rows and was glad I was finished with barbells for the standard part of my routine.

Cable extensions went fine. I tried to push myself beyond 4 reps for each set, but by the final working set, 95 pounds was feeling pretty heavy.

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The first set of pull ups was strong and I was tempted to do a sixth rep. I didn’t because I figured it would just tire me out too quickly and I’d come up short on the last set.

Between sets 1 and 2, I rested roughly 90 seconds, and by the fifth rep on the second set, I barely made it all the way up. Between sets 2 and 3, I rested a little over 2 minutes and it made a difference. I actually felt a little stronger in set 3 than I did in 2.

I had some time left, so I decided to try out some zercher squats. I was feeling fatigued so I didn’t load the bar particularly heavy. I just wanted to get more work in and be able to get lower in the squat than I can do during back squats.

After my third and last set, my body told me it was time to go home and fortunately, I listened.

As I mentioned a few days ago, today is Back to the Future Day, the day when Marty, Doc, and Jennifer traveled into the future, from 1985 to today, October 21, 2015.

It’s all fictional of course, but good fun. I hear a number of movie theaters are playing the film trilogy so people can celebrate by watching it all on the big screen.

I’m just going to stay at work and then go home afterwards. Might watch some or all of the movies on DVD this weekend just for giggles.

back to the future 2I’m glad I had a good day at the gym. I’ve been concerned that I was up against a hard limit but it seems, at least for Workout A, there’s still some room for me to travel upward.

Have a good day and don’t forget to welcome the time travelers when they arrive.

No arsenal, no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.

Ronald Reagan


2 thoughts on “It Was Better Today

  1. Nice work. I just don’t know how you get by with your sleep patterns and work out so early in the morning. When I worked full time my job began at 6am so I would get up at five and leave by 5:15. I usually went to bed at 11 pm. But I would wo either at 4:30 pm or after dinner at about 7:30 pm. Now I am semi retired, I go to sleep about 12:30 and get up at 7. But don’t feel like working out until at least 10 am. I guess working out in the am takes getting used to and putting your mind on the goal.


    1. I’m a morning person anyway, so even if I stayed up late, I’d probably still get up early. The exception to that was last weekend when I slept in until 8 a.m. both Saturday and Sunday. Some days are better than others. If I’m really tired, I take a short nap in my car on my lunch hour. Of course, that’s not an option when it’s hot in the summer and freezing in the winter.

      Also, the idea of working out after work just repels me. I need to hit it the first thing in the morning to keep up my motivation. Anytime I think I’m too tired in the morning, it all goes away when I step in the squat rack and do my lift out for my first warm up set.


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