The Music of Sleep

So I read several articles on sleep including 5 Reasons You Keep Waking Up At Night, which definitely resonated with me.

I’m giving up my sleep hack attempts for the next night or two and will pick it up again (probably) Sunday evening. Sometimes the effort of “hacking” sleep is too tiring.

But if falling asleep isn’t particularly the problem, how to I keep from waking up throughout the night?

I won’t go into all the details (for that, you can just click the link), but in short, the list of 5 sleep stealers are as follows:

  1. You need to pee
  2. You’re overheating
  3. Your late-night tweets
  4. Your nightly nightcap
  5. Stress

Each item on the list comes with a description as well as a “sleep solution,” or something to counteract the “sleep stealer”.

It’s interesting that “need to pee” is countered by drinking a small bit of water 30 minutes before bedtime, albeit with a pinch of unprocessed salt in it.

I already knew that keeping your room on the cool side promotes sleep, that computer screen light inhibits sleep, and that a drink or two will help you get to sleep but not stay asleep.

And yes, stress is a big aggravation. Believe me, I’ve encountered few aggravating people recently and those I can cut out of my life, I have…but I have to work with a few of them.

There’s no magic solution, including my much vaunted sleep hacks, but I’m willing to try just about anything.

Interestingly enough, a Facebook friend suggested this piece of music by Max Richter which sadly, was promoted for free for one night only, Thursday, September 3rd.

I guess I could use my laptop to play the music at before going to sleep, but that violates the “no computer” rule of my sleep hack.

Photo credit:

There is a one minute, seven second trailer of Richter’s “Sleep” on YouTube I’ll post at the end of this missive so you can get a sample of what his “sleep” is like.

Since I’m not lifting again until Monday, this morning I just did another 40 minutes of cardio on the elliptical, including a relatively fast 5 minute sprint followed by a slightly slower 10 minute sprint before settling into my “jog” for the remainder of the session (minus a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down).

Then I decided to use the Roman Chair, not for back extensions, but just to stretch out my back. I climbed on board and bent my body forward. My back momentarily “caught” most of the way into the bend, but by the time I was fully extended, I let my body weight pull me down and the stretch actually felt good.

I allowed myself to do this for just 60 seconds and then dismounted and left the gym.

My waking body weight this morning is basically unchanged from yesterday:

189.8 lbs/ ~86.09 kg/ ~13.55 stone

Hoping I’m hanging on to most of my muscle with yesterday being a “lift” day and balancing out doing more cardio than weightlifting this week.

I may do one more cardio tomorrow morning depending on how I feel. Or I may just try to relax at home after waking up rather than rushing off to the gym.

Monday is Labor Day, a national holiday, so not only do I not have work, but the gym doesn’t open until 7 a.m. I’m definitely going to be there on time Monday, since I’m going to start round 2, week 3 all over again, having messed up my first attempt last Monday by getting injured. Next week…Return of the Deadlift!

Now, as promised, here’s a bit of relaxing music for you.

Most obstacles are obstacle illusions.

Rabbi Shraga Silverstein


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