The Struggle to be a Super Human

According to, it’s been 180 days or nearly six-months since I’ve started recording and monitoring my body weight through their web app. I’m posting an image of the 180-day graph here.


According to my morning weigh-in, I’ve popped back up a bit in weight:

Body Weight Upon Awakening:

192.5 lbs/ ~87.31 kg/ ~13.75 stone

Height (for reference):

6′ 2 3/4″ or 74.75 inches/1.89865 meters or 189.865 cm

Since today is Abs and Cardio day, I wolfed down two fried eggs, water, and coffee, and my Omega-3 supplement, before heading out to the gym, in order to preserve my muscles and promote fat loss during my cardio session.

Since I had to take my other son Michael to pick up his car at the garage this morning and would have to leave earlier than normal, I limited my workout to 3 sets of 2 ab exercises, and shaved 5 minutes off my cardio routine. To compensate, I did 5 minutes of 30 second sprints to increase the calorie burn.

The fat loss thing has become kind of frustrating. Not only can’t I break the “barrier” and get below 190 pounds, but I keep shooting back up to 191, 192, and 193. I hope it doesn’t go any higher.

Without using sophisticated and expensive methods, I can’t tell exactly how much of that weight is muscle vs. fat. All I can do is keep plugging away at my program and continue to observe how I’m changing.

I hope that my workout activity this week and last, with me using relatively moderate weights and higher reps, means that I’m experiencing sarcoplasmic hypertrophy which are the sort of gains traditional bodybuilders are looking for.

I have noticed some subtle changes in my musculature. When I flex my wrists inward, my forearms bulge considerably, which I never noticed before. Also, my quads continue to grow thanks, apparently, to my squats.

But I don’t see any loss of body fat, especially around the gut. It’s not easy to tell with my clothes on and me sucking in my abs, but when I “let it all hang out,” so to speak, the results, though better than before, are still (for me) disappointing.

JLABut I’m not halfway through my second mutant strength training circuit, so my assessment may be premature.

I think I am becoming stronger, which is a major goal. I know it takes months, even years, to achieve significant results, so I continuously have to remind myself to be patient.

Our aim is not to be superhuman, but super humans.

Rabbi Shraga Silverstein


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