My Inspiration: Constance Tillet

This is just a static image, not a “clickable” video.

Yesterday, I saw a video about 77-year-old crossfit trainer Constance Tillet. She was interviewed on CBS and I have to say she is amazing, not because she’s been recovering physical health by working out, but due to her incredible emotional and spiritual approach to life in spite of terrific hardships.

I couldn’t figure out a way to embed the video directly into my blog, so I’m passing along the URL to the story which includes the video: A 77-year-old transforms her life through CrossFit.

Some interesting information came out of the news story. First of all, the largest demographic that is currently joining gyms nationwide is 55 years of age and older. Yes, there’s still room for you to join up.

Constance is 77 years old now and has been training at the Crossfit South Brooklyn gym for the past 10 months at her son’s suggestion. Prior to starting crossfit almost a year ago, Constance never exercised before.

When she was 50 years old, she was diagnosed with diabetes. Since that time, she’s had both hips and both knees replaced along with one full rotating cuff replacement and one partial replacement.

LouShe previously was taking insulin injections four times a day and up to 60 pills for high blood pressure, a heart condition, and arthritis. Currently, she’s down to just a few pills.

This isn’t a fluke. The news story said that a two-year study followed 1,600 seniors and determined that older people who either remain active or become more active improve their overall health by as much as 18%.

There’s a lot more to learn about Constance which makes her such an inspiration and role model, not just for we seniors, but for everyone. The CBS reporters covering and commenting on the story were visibly moved by this wonderful woman.

The image above is a screenshot of the video. Like I said, you’ll have to click the link I provided above to see the recording of the television broadcast.

Along the same lines, I also found Lou Ferrigno’s campaign to help raise funds for the Alzheimer Drug Discovery Foundation “inspirational,” especially because he’s selling a unique kind of “change” t-shirt.

It’s pricey at $22.99 (plus tax and shipping) for one shirt (my long suffering wife is going to kill me when she sees the bill), but I thought it would look great on me at the gym, and some of the cost goes to helping find a better treatment for Alzheimer’s.

changeIt’s just too bad the t-shirt doesn’t ship until the campaign ends on September 9th. I’m having a “father-son” day with David on the 11th and it would have been great if he could have taken a picture of me working out while wearing it.

My current profile shot is somewhat out-of-date. I’ve lost a few pounds around the middle since then and (hopefully) picked up more muscle mass. I’d like to show off the changes as my testimony that senior fitness really works.

If I can do all this and 77-year-old Constance Tillet can start doing crossfit, do you really have an excuse not to workout?

Get thee to a gym! Like it says on Constance’s t-shirt: “Be Strong Today.”

The biggest mistake you could ever make is being too afraid to make one.



6 thoughts on “My Inspiration: Constance Tillet

  1. Thanks for the link. She sure makes it hard to find an excuse not to work out.. It’s hard for me to imagine going through all those surgeries.


    1. Constance seems like an incredible person, Jerry. She’s had to work hard to gain back much of what she lost. I think the take away for many of us is to preserve what we have so we won’t have such a difficult battle as we get older.


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