Arnold Schwarzenegger 2015: A Public Service Announcement

When I look at my WordPress analytics for this blogspot, I see searches for “arnold schwarzenegger 2015” come up a lot. Arnold has had a long and successful career as a bodybuilder and an actor among other things (though he’s stubbed his toe a time or two in other areas of his life) and, having just passed his 68th birthday, he remains the subject of interest, fascination, and even idolization for many.

That said, I find it difficult to believe that his fan base can’t figure out how to get the latest information about Arnold or see what he’s been up to (and what he looks like) recently.

First of all, he does have an official website called

OK, so the most recent entry on the home page is from last March. That’s not very recent.

But Arnold (or I suspect some of his surrogates) are very active on Facebook.

arnold politician
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Consider his Official Facebook page, which he posted on just a few days ago, as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger for President 2016 which was active (as I write this) just 16 hours ago.

Arnold knows how to communicate with his fans and he seems to love letting everyone know what he’s been doing and, on occasion, inviting folks to participate.

Several days ago, Arnold posted a brief video to Facebook showing him and Lou Ferrigno working out together at Gold’s Gym. And on August 1st, he posted another video from the gym, this time with Nadia Comaneci as his workout partner and “trainer”.

I’m writing all this as a public service, more or less, for those of you searching for “Arnold Schwarzenegger 2015” and landing on my blog. Really, I like the attention, but if it’s Arnold you’re looking for, there are better ways to find him.

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

John Wooden


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