Sleep Hack One

I’m planning on starting my “sleep hack” in earnest this coming Monday evening. It will involve some dedication and significant changes in my after supper schedule and habits. There are a number of supplements and other products that will go into this “hack”. I should mention that I already take “wife recommended” supplements every morning […]

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The Sleepy Weightlifter

That’s it. Except for tomorrow’s ab and cardio workout, week 2 of round 2 of my mutant strength training is over. Finished like a champ (at least in my humble opinion). It was one of those rare mornings when I was the only person in the weight room at first. It was wonderful. Then one […]

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The Struggle to be a Super Human

According to, it’s been 180 days or nearly six-months since I’ve started recording and monitoring my body weight through their web app. I’m posting an image of the 180-day graph here. According to my morning weigh-in, I’ve popped back up a bit in weight: Body Weight Upon Awakening: 192.5 lbs/ ~87.31 kg/ ~13.75 stone […]

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The Crowd at the Gym

I’m more or less feeling better than Monday but not as good as yesterday relative to sleep. However, it’s amazing what a cup of coffee, a glass of water, and a banana can prepare you for, even is you don’t feel as rested as you’d like when facing the squat rack. It wasn’t just lack […]

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Be Your Own Hero

Before he became known as “The Incredible Hulk,” bodybuilding actor Lou Ferrigno was a skinny, introverted boy growing up in New York. A severe ear infection in his early childhood caused Ferrigno to lose a majority of his hearing, making his speech difficult for his peers to understand. As a result, he was taunted.”They used […]

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Hump Day in the Weight Room

Sleep was kind of spotty last night and I finally got out of bed around 3 a.m., so I was wondering how it would affect my workout. I was hoping that my squats wouldn’t suffer because of my being fatigued. The upside to getting up really early is that I had time to bake a […]

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