Persistence Wins

I’ve had this graphic sitting in my computer for a while now and decided to put it to good use. I’m not even slightly tempted to give up working out, both because it’s become a daily habit and because I continually see positive results from my exercise routine (more on that in a minute). But […]

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You’re Either In or Out

This chronic lack of sleep is getting old, especially at the gym. It’s really starting to affect the beginning of my workout, though by the end, I’m pretty wide awake. I must have gotten some sleep last night because I remember waking up from a dream at about 3:30 a.m. but I don’t remember what […]

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Weight Room Warrior!

Crush your enemies! See them driven before you! Hear the lamentations of their women! Sorry to go all Conan the Barbarian on you but that’s how I felt after my workout at the gym this morning. It was the sort of morning where I went above and beyond (though fortunately for everyone else at the […]

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Revisiting the Basics of Strength Training for the Older Guy

I decided to revisit an article I’d read sometime ago called Strength Training for the Middle Aged Guy! I found at It’s a summary of Brian Konzelman’s five-year journey from a 46-year-old… …average unhealthy middle-aged American male, overweight, out of shape, and having typical middle aged health problems. At five foot eight inches tall, […]

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Every Day I Lift is Leg Day

And so begins week 2 of my 5 week progressive “mutant” workout. Today, I started with Workout B on my schedule, increasing the weights somewhat from last week, and reducing the reps from 10 to 8 per set. The number of sets stays the same throughout the round at 4 sets for each exercise. My […]

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