The Spiritual Beast Within

I’m not really interested in a personal trainer. One of them at my gym runs a class from 5 to 6 in the morning when I workout. Frequently, they occupy space I need to occupy in a rather annoying way. And having watched this same group of people for quite some time, the guys in […]

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Am I Lifting Weights Too Often?

I received a comment on a recent blog post suggesting that for my age, I’m working out too often. I asked the reader to clarify what he meant, but since he hasn’t had the opportunity to respond yet, I started doing a little reading. I remember one of Logan Franklin’s newsletters from Gray Iron Fitness […]

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What Am I Doing To My Body?

I just completed week four of my strength training routine…well, except for tomorrow’s abs and cardio session, but the lifts for the week are done. As I have just finished one-third of my trial period with this program, I found myself wondering what I’m doing to my body. After this morning’s workout, as we were driving […]

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Making Adjustments Up and Down

Today’s workout, as I’ve mentioned before, was a study in weight adjustments, both up and down. This week, I’m doing hack squats at 195 pounds, which as I’ll explain in a moment, is quite a chore, but I’ve also increased the working weight on both my bench press and my bent over rows by five […]

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