Outatime Again

bent over rows
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I can see that Tuesdays are going to be a problem, at least under the current exercise regime. I barely had time to do 4 out of the 5 weight training workouts for Back Day before I had to switch over to cardio for 25 minutes. This week, my son David started coming back to the gym with me, though he still does mostly body weight work, so I can’t be late getting out of the place or I might make him late for work.

Interestingly enough, I wasn’t feeling my best when I got to the gym and made an unscheduled pit stop in the men’s restroom before getting started with lifting. Nothing serious, but it probably set my schedule back just enough so that I’d miss doing Dumbbell Bent Over Rows.

Let’s have a look at what I did do. As always, I rested ~60-90 seconds between sets:

Barbell Bent Over Rows

  1. 10x 110lbs/49.89kg (warm up)
  2. 9x 120lbs/54.43kg
  3. 6x 130lbs/58.96kg
  4. 6x 130lbs/58.96kg
  5. 5x 140lbs/63.5kg
  6. 5x 140lbs/63.5kg

Barbell Bent Leg Deadlifts

  1. 12x 130lbs/58.96kg
  2. 10x 140lbs/63.5kg
  3. 8x 150lbs/68.03kg
  4. 6x 160lbs/72.57kg
  5. 5x 180lbs/81.64kg
cable low rows
Photo credit: gymper.com

Cable Low Rows

  1. 12x 140lbs/63.5kg
  2. 8x 140lbs/63.5kg
  3. 6x 140lbs/63.5kg

Lat Pulldowns

  1. 12x 130lbs/58.96kg
  2. 12x 130lbs/58.96kg
  3. 9x 130lbs/58.96kg

If you compare my performance yesterday with what I did last week, you can see for Barbell Rows, I did 2 sets at my 5 rep max weight rather than just one. On the other hand, I only did 1 set at my 5 rep max weight for Deadlifts rather than 2, but I did almost 10 more reps overall than the previous week. Given what it feels like to hoist a 180 pound barbell off the floor and then stand upright, I don’t want to add more weight too quickly. It definitely elicits a solid “grunt” out of me when I first pick it up.

I did something to tweak one of the fingers on my left hand during the Deadlifts, so I didn’t feel I could get a good grip on the handles for Low Rows or Pulldowns. I did pretty well, actually doing slightly better than last week, especially on the Pulldowns, but I wanted to do better.

As I said, after the Pulldowns, I was out of time and had to get to the Elliptical machine so I could be done by 6 a.m.

My son David had his own challenges. He upped the intensity of his workout too fast I think, and ended up losing his breakfast in the men’s toilet. Neither of us were at our best, in spite of my still doing reasonably well on my back exercises. I certainly felt it though during cardio and had to push myself to get through the full amount of time.

leg day meme
Photo credit: troll.me

This will be the last Back Day as described above before I switch over to a 5×5 strength training routine, so it’ll be interesting to see how the timing changes. I know that article recommends making no alterations to how they’ve developed the exercise plan, but I am feeling more comfortable slowly working up to my max 5 rep weight rather than hitting it hard for all 5 reps. I guess I can start out light and gradually increase the weight week over week to give myself a better chance at getting stronger without risking injury.

Tuesday morning ended well. I had to drive my wife and daughter to the airport at 8 a.m., so I took David back to his place, since we couldn’t commute into work together later on. That gave me a little extra time to rest, slug down a protein shake and a banana, and shower before getting on the road. Whatever was bothering me earlier in the morning seemed to resolve itself so I feel ready to face the “dreaded” Leg Day today.

Wish me luck.

Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash.

George S. Patton


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