The Reuben Sandwich Lunch

If I have one nemesis in my efforts to become more healthy, it’s going off plan for any reason. Today, it was lunch with the CEO of the company where I work.

Each quarter, the CEO takes one or two departments out to lunch to give us an opportunity to ask him any questions about the status of our business. Since I work for one of the smaller departments, two teams went out to lunch at what would have once been called a “gentlemen’s club”. You know, the type you see in old movies where older, wealthy men gather for dinner, drinks, and cigars to talk business.

This being the 21st century, women have since been admitted, but it’s still a place where men are expected to wear at least a sports jacket if not a tie.

The Reuben sandwich I ordered was wonderful, but right now it’s sitting like a rock at the pit of my stomach holding my digestive system hostage. In terms of calories, it was well over 600 big ones which means I either eat like a bird for dinner or count on not losing weight and maybe even gaining some weight back when I weigh in tomorrow morning.

I’ve been saving a link to a Flex Magazine article called 10 Rules to Control Your Appetite for an appropriate time. I don’t know if this is it, but it feels relevant.

Rule #3 is “Graze throughout the day” which I normally do, but after an abrupt power surge of calories. My shrunken stomach is stretched all out of proportion and begging for mercy.

Rule #4 is “Bump up protein intake,” and while the Reuben did have a substantial amount of protein, it had even more grams of fat and carbs.

deadliftI’ve been searching for a way to try to measure my gains in a simple and effective manner, but right now, it feels like my biggest gain is in my gut. I’m definitely hitting the cardio hard tomorrow at the gym as well as some pulse-pounding deadlifts. This will both (hopefully) burn off calories and punish me for my foolishness. After all, I could have as easily ordered a salad.

Actually, in terms of measuring my gains, Men’s Health Magazine came through for me, but for most of the measurements, I’ll need a cloth tape measure and another person for assistance. My problem is that I don’t have a baseline from a year ago, so I can only start now and measure whatever gains I achieve in the future.

I have to travel for business soon (to Portland actually) for several days and I’m sure that’ll just wreak havoc on my exercise and diet alike. In a lot of ways, May is just not my month, at least the first half of it. Can’t wait for things to settle down so I can regain control of my process and get back on track with the plan.

Never say anything about yourself you do not want to come true.

Brian Tracy


2 thoughts on “The Reuben Sandwich Lunch

    1. I wish, but professional conferences don’t allow for a lot of discretionary time. Thanks for the tip, though. If I get the opportunity, I’ll definitely check it out.


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