5×5 Workout Routine Day Two

The lone wolf strength trainer strikes again, this time with Plan B of the 5×5 strength training routine. Since it’s a national holiday and I have the day off, I decided, just like last Saturday, that I could take my time at the gym and even get in a cardio session after lifting. Without further […]

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5×5 Workout Routine Day One

Finally yesterday, I was able to get to workout A of my 5×5 workout routine. When changing my plan, I relied on the information located at LeanItUp.com, although I made a few adaptations. In fact, even from what I wrote about a few days ago, I changed things again on the fly at the gym. […]

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Getting Ready to Lift

Now that my recent conference is over and I’m back home, it’s time to implement the plan. It’s Thursday as I write this, and I resisted the urge to immediately pick up heavy weights at the gym and stuck with core (abs/lower back) work and cardio. Here’s the summary: Decline Bench Weighted Ab Crunch 20x […]

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