Somewhere a Girl is Warming Up with Your Max Weight

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I just read (well, yesterday actually) a blog post called Lift Like a Girl at the Raising the Bar blog spot, owned by Ethan Doyon. I’d written something similar a few weeks before he did, and all this reminded me of a short video I saw showing a young women surprising her male gym partners by performing a clean and jerk.

I did a few quick Google searches but couldn’t find it again (and I’m still kicking myself for not saving the URL somewhere).

I also thought of the inspirational poster I inserted in yesterday’s blog post (and reinserted today) that is the basis for the title you see above. While I couldn’t find the video I was looking for, I found a couple of others that looked interesting.

The first is called “My Girl Is Stronger Than You,” and that’s not a lie. The running time is 6:37 and it’s worth every second of your time to see some really amazing young women lift incredibly (for me anyway) heavy weights (though the way they slam them down makes me afraid one of them is going to break a foot). Here it is:

The other video is only 36 seconds long and shows a single example of a woman doing a power clean and jerk. It doesn’t list the weight, but just looking at the plates on her bar tells me it’s more than I could do.

I’m not attracted to powerlifting myself, but these are two very good examples that show how we traditionally think of women and weightlifting is pretty outmoded. If it works this way for women, we can also conquer the stereotypes about older people and lifting.

Like Ethan said on his blog, “The next time someone says, “you lift like a girl”, make sure to thank them, because there are some incredibly strong women out there.”

Everyone you meet has something to teach you.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


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