The Curse of Holiday Overeating

I know this may seem like an odd time of year to talk about overindulging on holiday eating but bear with me. As you read this, it’s Monday (or later) but I’m writing on Easter Sunday morning. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter by going to church, you may still be part of a family that has a big Easter dinner with tons of ham and other tasty (for you, I don’t do pork) things.

And then there are all those Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies just begging to be gobbled up.

My wife and children are Jewish so we celebrate Passover. This year, the first night of Passover was last Friday. And in case you didn’t know, Passover is a story told in food.

And I like to eat.

It’s not just the Passover dinner which I definitely over ate, but the left overs. Left over roast beef. Left over matzah ball soup. Left over potatoes. And it’s sort of a joke that there will always be left over matzah, sometimes hanging around the house for weeks after the week of unleavened bread has been completed.

If you celebrate Easter in any way related to food, you may be having the same experience.

Oh, and to make it worse, After overindulging on Friday night, I tried extra hard to stay in control on Saturday. I went to the gym and did core work along with 35 minutes of fat-burning (hopefully) cardio, and I restricted my eating as much as I could up to dinner.

But then while watching DVDs that evening, the overwhelming urge for a big bowl of buttered, salted popcorn hit me, and in a blink of an eye, I was watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” (1989) with a huge bowl of hot, buttery yumminess in my lap.

This morning (again, as I write this), I gained another pound, putting me back up to the weight I was six days ago. Six days of hard work and harder calorie restricting down the tubes.

I was pretty frustrating to see that number on the scale this morning, and even worse when I entered it into and ran the 7-day and 30-day charts, seeing that line go so far back up the weight range.

What to do?

emotional eating
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There’s a part of me that wants to say “the heck with it” and eat as I please. But I know that wouldn’t help. I’m not that much of an emotional eater, but I do have my moods.

They say the best thing to do when you fall off a horse (or a bike, or a motorcycle, or a diet) is to get right back on.

So far, I’ve had my usual Sunday omelet for breakfast, along with coffee and water, and two small carrots for a snack. It’s just a little after ten in the morning, so I have to ponder lunch in a little while.

I need to get right back on my horse and ride the thing like the Lone Ranger rides Silver.

If you’ve fallen off your horse for any reason, that’s what I encourage you to do as well.

Now if I can just safely navigate my way past the baked tamale pie my wife’s planning for dinner tonight.

Update: Two helpings of baked tamale pie (not a standard recipe since we can’t have anything leavened around the house for a week), two helpings of keenwah, and one of green salad. Let’s just say I didn’t cover myself with glory.

You are surrounded by hundreds of people more timid than you are.

Fred Barton


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