Is It Supposed To Hurt?

Actually, I was surprised (though I shouldn’t have been) that so much literature and attention was being garnered by what I consider to be a normal consequence of working out: sore muscles. Remember how I told you that my legs felt like spaghetti after I ramped up my leg day workout? That was a few […]

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Your First Arm Workout

As part of an overall body workout with weights for beginners, I’ve previously described in detail your very first chest, legs, and back workouts. Now it’s time to concentrate on your arms. Remember, you perform these lifting exercises all in a single session rather than on separate occasions. I’m just splitting up my descriptions so […]

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My Inspiration: Charles Eugster

I hope you don’t get tired of me talking about inspirational older people. Ever since starting this blog, I’ve come across some really remarkable folks. The latest is Charles Eugster, a 95-year-old former dentist who set a new world record for his age group in the 200-meter indoor sprint. Eugster isn’t a life long athlete. […]

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Your First Back Workout

I previously outlined a full body weight training workout that the beginner could perform two to three times a week. A few weeks ago, I started to drill down into that workout routine by describing in more detail weight training for the chest, and last week, I talked about the beginner’s leg workout. Today, it’s […]

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