No Jokers!

Ouch. Ouchie ouch ouch. I started something different for this 5/3/1 training cycle (entering my fourth after bailing from the gym for the better part of a year). Yesterday, for the three working sets, I did what I always do. After that, I usually push myself into increasingly heavy joker sets until I can’t lift anything […]

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Christmas Eve and Killing It

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I used to blog after every lifting workout, but since I’ve had to start over again and my numbers are pretty pathetic, I figured I’d skip a few weeks here and there. I have been lifting though, Sundays and Thursdays like clockwork and it’s working. Cardio’s getting better […]

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Re-Entry to Gym

My life has been kind of like a country and western song for the past few months. I was laid off my job in April, a few weeks later, my Dad died suddenly, getting medical insurance through the local “Obamacare” exchange as been a nightmare, and I have absolutely no benefits at my current temp/contract […]

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Surprise! I’m Back!

It’s been barely two months since I was last in the gym. I thought it was longer. It certainly felt longer when I lifted this morning. Of course, it was four weeks earlier when I managed to get into the gym before that, and then four weeks before that when I was in the gym, […]

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Coming Out of Hibernation

It’s been about six weeks since I stopped working out regularly. My little corner of Idaho (the whole state, actually) got hit by the worst series of winter storms in almost 35 years. It was cold with plenty ice and snow. Dangerous or at least difficult to drive in. The parking lot of my work […]

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